We customize our services to meet the individual needs of each client and family. All of the therapeutic services that we provide are supervised by an experienced and qualified Board-Certified Behavior Analyst.

Parent Coaching

Parent & Caregiver Training Gives You the Tools for Success with Your Child

Parent and caregiver consultation provides parents and other caregivers with the tools and skills to implement the techniques and strategies of ABA on their own. Our parent training program is flexible and can be modified for a parent at any level.

ABA Strategies For Parents

Parent and caregiver training and consultation includes:

Answering questions about problem behaviors

Answering questions about how to teach new skills

Review of topics within our parent training handbook

Review of programs for acquiring skills, and how to implement them outside of ABA therapy

Review of behavior intervention plans to reduce problem behaviors, and how to implement them outside of ABA therapy

Caregivers who can be included in training and consultation include:





Other Professionals who work with the child (Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist, after-school or daycare program staff, etc.)

Relationship Development Intervention (RDI)

Relationship Development Intervention is a cognitive-developmental treatment program developed by Dr. Steven Gutstein. RDI focuses on family empowerment in which parents are trained to act as participant guides, creating daily opportunities for their child to respond in more flexible, thoughtful ways to novel, challenging and increasingly unpredictable settings and problems. The RDI approach targets core areas of “dynamic intelligence” including declarative communication, referencing, regulating, episodic memory, and flexible thinking. Parents are taught to re-think their daily lifestyle, structuring activities throughout the day to provide safe, but challenging opportunities for discovery.

Family-Guided Routines

Family-guided routines-based intervention is a systematic approach to embed intervention consistently by all family members and service providers throughout the day rather than in individual, isolated therapy sessions. Routines are functional events of daily living that offer opportunities to teach and practice meaningful skills in settings and situations, as they are needed. By definition, they occur on a regular basis and are repeated frequently, offering multiple opportunities for teaching and learning. Family-guided routines are those functional and predictable activities that match the interests and individual schedules of the child and family. The family guides the selection of appropriate targets and contexts for intervention. Routines that are selected for intervention are predictable and positive for both the child and care provider to enhance the ease of use and the potential for positive outcomes.